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We are a family owned & operated masonry company with a combined experience of 174 years in the construction industry.

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based on 67 Google reviews.

Better Business Torch Award Winners

CBS Masonry LTD was the 2023, 2022, 2016, 2015 and 2013 Torch Award winners. We were Light Up The Night Sponsors in 2019, 2022, 2023, and Cuban Night Sponsors in 2018, Blue Bayou sponsors in 2017, Promenade sponsors in 2016, Diamond sponsors in 2015 and Gold sponsors in 2014 of the BBB Gala Torch awards.

We, at CBS Masonry LTD, are all fully-licensed bricklayers, rock and stone masons. Over the years we have personalized our work based on client requests with our professional and trained skills. When rock masonry is necessary on a job, meeting expectation is the bare minimum. Even the smallest projects are treated with an artisans touch.

Founded by Charlie Sims, he has worked hard to instill a culture that takes pride in our product. The professional masons of CBS Masonry LTD perform chimney rebuilding repairs, brick work, natural or cultured stone, flag stone, paving, concrete, and historical or heritage work. At days end, CBS Masonry LTD sells a product that based on integrity, dependability and affordability.
We work with you every step of the way until project completion. Our team is composed of dedicated bricklayers ready to fulfill your jobs requirements. Our team has a history of maintaining professional relationships. We have also worked with the BC Provincial Government, University of Victoria as well as the City of Victoria.
As testament to the quality of work we provide; particularly in paving slabs, stone masonry, ornamental masonry and chimney building; our company was awarded both the BBB 2016, 2015 and 2013 Torch Award for Customer Service Excellence and the BBB 2016, 2015 and 2013 Trust Performance Integrity award.
With the hearts of true masons, we at CBS Masonry LTD take pride in such recognition and vow to continue what we do best, serving the people and participate in building the community through our top-rate stone masonry, chimney rebuilding, and bricklaying. This is certainly our way of reaffirming the trust that we receive on each project.

At CBS Masonry LTD, stone masonry is not just a profession, but a passion.

Meet Our Team

The masonry contractors at CBS Masonry LTD inspire one another to be the best stone masons they can be. In fact, CBS Masonry LTD was founded by Charlie Sims with the humble dream of running a premier brick and stone masonry company. Building of fine Quality homes from England, Ontario and currently in Victoria BC. Charlie Sims spent more than half of his lifetime refining his craft and perfecting the nuances of architectural masonry.

At an early age, Charlie developed the passion for masonry he has today. He began honing his skills with a three-year apprenticeship in the art of bricklaying and stone masonry in the London Institute of the UK. He then served additional two years completing courses in quantity surveying, estimating, and blue print reading. Thereafter, he set up a business with his father, Brian, and got reputable contracts with local companies. It was when Charlie moved to Ontario and built his own business that he was able to come into form as a professional masonry contractor. The passion for stone masonry was contagious, before long his two sons Adrian and Ashley Sims, took up the craft

Ashley (foreman and project coordinator) now helps in the business and contribute to our teams 194 years combined experience. Charlie has more than 51 years personal experience as a stone mason and bricklayer. CBS Masonry LTD works with superior standards and successfully completes projects involving historical brick restoration, rock and stone masonry, paving and any projects requiring tile installers. Today, CBS Masonry LTD takes on almost all aspects of the field. Whether you’re looking for masonry contractors, rock and stone masons, bricklayers, or tile installers, we have the certified crew to accomplish your endeavours with utmost professionalism. Our masonry contractors are among the best, we will deliver on all your expectations and then some. We value your trust, and at the end of the day, the talented stone masons of CBS Masonry LTD want nothing more than to give you a masonry product that you will be satisfied by.

Ashley started out working with his father ‘Charlie’ from the age of 14 and when living in Ontario would work at weekends to make some pocket money. From an earlier age he was always keen to pick up tools, mostly a trowel and play around with masonry cement (His father could clearly see there was promise). He slowly and with great enjoyment took to his part time work, and as the years progressed, I could see that working with masonry, he had a natural flare for advancement in this field, then progressing to using bricks and creating his own projects. As the years have progressed, Ash has perfected his skills and the art of Bricklaying, for which he has and excels into his huge talent, and which is perfectly clear to see, just watching his work and viewing his completed projects on the CBS Masonry LTD website, chimney works being his great love and specialty.


Ashley honed his skills with a three-year apprenticeship in the art of bricklaying and stone masonry in the London Institute of the UK. Ash has many talents whatever the project and whatever the material, this has never been a problem, just a challenge for Ash as he definitely has the ‘know-how’ and above all the knowledge, and most of all the skill set to perform any task or project put forward to him. So now, some 18 years since, Ash is not only a formidable and recognized mason, but also a site foreman, running 2 crews plus his own projects, and he excels in being able to deal with PR skills, including dealing with customers, contractors and suppliers, he does not require his father anymore, only for advice. Ash is very proud of his talents and skills, all of which he picked up very quickly, by watching attentively, working hard, listening and taking direction, but above all practicing his skills, all of which were obvious to see at a very young age, and all of which are now outstanding. The reviews Ash receives back from customers reporting and completing BBB torch award forms are far and beyond in recognition of his technique and skills which he possesses, this truly is a credit to him for all his efforts and hard work, and the dedication and skills that he possesses. All of Ash’s skills are very much noticed, appreciated and respected by customers in their report reviews.

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