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Chimney Repairs

Deteriorating concrete or mortar, moss build up, leaking and water damage and flaking paint are common signs that you are in need of chimney repair from CBS Masonry Ltd. Depending on the nature of the damage, you may need a full chimney repair, or a complete or partial rebuild.

The only way to know for sure is to give us a call for a thorough inspection. We will give you a competitive estimate that will have your chimney looking amazing and up to code. We only use reputable tradesman supplying quality workmanship.

Chimney Restoration & Rebuilding

Occasionally a chimney can become damaged or deteriorated beyond repair and will need either a Partial or Complete rebuild.

With a Complete Rebuild, we remove the old chimney, and then rebuild it from the ground up. We will also inspect the condition of your chimney’s foundation to determine whether it needs to be replaced as well.

With a Partial Rebuild, we remove your old chimney to the minimum level required, and rebuild the chimney with new materials.

Chimney Re-pointing & Re-lining

Chimney Re-lining is used to correct a common defect with chimneys, improper installation and faulty alignment. Chimney re-pointing involves fixing any visible lines on a chimney’s framework. When properly aligned and pointed, your chimney will be more energy-efficient and environment-friendly, as well as help to prevent toxic substances, smoke or water from penetrating and leaking into your home.

To view some of the brick options available for your chimney, click here or you can visit Brock White in Langford and ask for Steve.

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Things you should ask or look for when you are obtaining an estimate for Chimney Repair, Restoration or Replacement:

  • Request to see a WCB Clearance Certificate for the current month, this ensures their WCB membership is current and up to date, which protects you as the homeowner against liability for injuries that may occur on site.
  • Request to see liability insurance coverage certificate for 2020, this protects you against any damage that may occur to your home.
  • Request to see a current business license certificate for 2020.
  • That the scaffolding used by the company is setup correctly and conforms to WCB’s rules, regulations and health and safety standards.
  • That they pour a re-enforced concrete chimney cap (minimum 3 inches thick).
  • Supply and fit of new clay tile chimney flue liners.
  • Supply and fit of new concrete chimney pots (if required).
  • Caulk all around new clay tile flues and concrete chimney pots.
  • Replace existing chimney flashings (if required).

These questions will ensure you are using a reputable, established and experienced masonry company and the work shall be to a high standard of quality workmanship, and the company uses quality materials and provides a recognized and underwritten guarantee for labour and materials.

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